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The fighting, freezing out & friction is getting to be too much. Sometimes you even dread going home at the end of the day. You love your spouse, but you just don't know how to make things close and loving again. Everything you've tried isn't working and you're scared about what will happen if things don't change course.

You want straight forward communication tools that you can use today to quickly and easily diffuse tension and reconnect with your spouse.

You're ready for The Conflict Diffuser Blueprint! Using the tools will help you move away from the screaming matches and the silent treatment and move toward respectful conversations that address both of your needs.

As you Implement the skills, you'll both know what to do when tension escalates. The included pdf resources allow you to personalize what you learn so you can come up with a plan together before the next conflict presents itself. You'll be equipped and on the same team as you address problems.

Each segment of my Conflict Diffuser Blueprint provides solutions for communication patterns so that you have more joy and peace at home.

Here's a sampling of topics addressed:

  • How to attend to ourselves before entering into a potential conflict so that when things are heated, you can first decompress yourself

  • What to do and say when a misunderstanding happens so that you can get aligned more quickly

  • How to respond when one of you wants to talk and the other wants to problem solve so that you can get on the same page and get your needs met

  • COMING SOON! What to do to maintain harmony as a couple when interacting with in-laws

The courses are practical and include sample scripts for what you can say in different scenarios. I provide lots of options so you can choose what works best for you so you can bring calm back to your relationship.

Want to quickly and easily diffuse tension and reconnect with your spouse?


$27 Introductory Price

When you enroll in The Conflict Diffuser Blueprint you'll have lifetime access to all the content and upgrades!


This price won't last long!

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