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 You're totally disconnected  

  You want peace and harmony again...NOW!  

Online Relationship Coaching for Couples from a licensed professional.
Serving Tampa FL and surrounding areas

I am a licensed psychologist who is ready to jump in and help your relationship.
Get in touch with me today!

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You're relationship is tanking after one of life's major transitions

You both have unmet expectations

This transition hasn't gone at all like you expected and you're deeply discouraged. You thought your spouse was going to be there for you in a certain way and it just didn't happen. 

You notice some ugliness seeping through

You're angry & hurt. You are acting towards your spouse in ways that you regret. You try to stop, but it's hard. You don't want this unhealthy cycle of hurting each other to go on any longer.

You're like roommates when it comes to intimacy

You miss being close, it's been so long. But you're just not feeling it right now. You don't want to even think about how your relationship will be if things continue on this trajectory.

You just

Image by Dev Asangbam

Discovered your

partner cheated


Had a miscarriage


Lost your job




Became empty nesters


Burned out

For when communication has broken down along the way

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kristin Barnhart
licensed psychologist who opened a relationship coaching business

Even good and exciting changes like getting married, having a baby or getting a promotion can put a strain how a couple communicates.  Or maybe you've just lost a loved one or a job and it's taking a toll on your relationship.


I hear you.


Using my Harmony Method, I'll help you decrease conflict and increase intimacy while remaining curious about each other so that you can reconnect and have calm and joy again. Couples love the communication tools and guided journey that Kristin compassionately provides.

Call or email today for a free 15 minute consultation 


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