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Couples coaching
for more peace,
less stress
& better sex

Click here to quickly and easily diffuse tension and reconnect!

Couple embracing

Kissing goodbye, but not kissing in bed

You roll over in bed and reach out  only to feel the cold shoulder. He used to bring you coffee in the morning and now he just goes about his day. She used to text sweet messages and now it's silent. When it comes to chores, there's no communication and resentment is building about who does what. You feel frozen out or edgy when you're together.

Doesn't have to be this way

You can have a marriage that's vibrant, safe & intimate. Whether you started your relationship like this or not, we can get you there! 

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About Me
Dr. Kristin Barnhart

About Me

Couples often come to me feeling desperate and wondering if there's any hope left. 


Through working with many couples over the years and specializing in couples therapy as early as 25 years ago in graduate school, I've developed my proprietary Harmony Method which I designed to help couples decrease conflict and increase intimacy while remaining curious about each other.   

Using the Harmony Method I use specific ways to build peace and connection back into your relationship. As a licensed psychologist, I am qualified to help you through relationship coaching


Hi! I'm Dr. Kristin Barnhart. I know what it's like when a relationship is close and emotionally safe. I also know what it's like when a relationship you thought would last falls apart


I provide online coaching for couples around the world through online coaching sessions and packages. In person retreats are also available!



My husband and I made love twice in 24 hours after I applied what I learned from just one coaching session with Kristin!
Romantic Couple


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