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The Harmony  Method

You may be fighting and longing for connection again, or you may already have a good marriage.


Whatever your starting point, you want to decrease conflict and increase intimacy. You want things to be better between the two of you so that you can have the most joy and peace in your life.

As you move through the modules of the Harmony Method, you'll learn valuable communication tools that will help you be curious rather than furious with each other. 


Couples love that hope is infused in the sessions and that I have a solution-focused approach aimed at clearing a path for helping them move toward happiness again.


I designed it to start at the foundation and build its way up the spiral so that a relationship grows closer and healthier each step of the way


Here are the modules for the Harmony Method

Fighting Respectfully

We all know what the alternative to fighting respectfully is!


The silent treatment which significantly cuts off positive connection.


Or harmful words that can really damage the foundation of the relationship.


By learning the tools I teach you will learn to 

  • Address problems while maintaining the dignity of both people

  • Collaborate on solving the problem at hand rather than attacking each other

  • Avoid unnecessary hurt allowing for a more positive and supportive dialogue


In this module, I teach you how to approach conflicts with respect so that there’s an environment where both of you feel comfortable expressing yourselves and the end product is a stronger emotional connection and a more meaningful relationship.



Many, if not most of the couples I see don’t make it a habit of apologizing.


That’s why I’m dedicating a whole module to it.


When we don’t apologize, it makes it much harder for the relationship to recover and it takes longer too.


I teach multiple elements to a full apology so that you can learn the aspects that are most important to your spouse.


Once you start apologizing more readily and in the way that your spouse most easily responds to, your relationship can grow in empathy and trust. 


I want that for you!


Couples see a quick transformation after this coaching session.


They notice that arguments don’t last as long and they’re able to get peace back in their home more quickly.



When we choose not to forgive:

  • Resentment and anger can build 

  • The unresolved feelings can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. The constant replaying in our mind of hurtful events can keep us trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions

  • There are physical consequences too - higher blood pressure, digestive issues, and more

While we might understand the importance of forgiveness, we might not know exactly what forgiveness entails and what it doesn’t. 


This is where I come in. I’ll teach you how to forgive and still have boundaries so that you can have a healthiest version of you and your relationship.


Creating a Safe Space for Vulnerability

Creating a safe place for you to be vulnerable together allows you to express your thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or negative consequences. 


Couples who learn these skills notice that they have a more authentic connection and they even notice that it’s an opportunity for self-discovery and growth.


Managing Expectations

When we’re not managing expectations, there’s a lot that can go wrong

  • You can end up angry at each other

  • You can feel disappointed or disillusioned

  • You can make judgments that aren’t true


When you got married you wanted to live with this person forever, you would have never believed that they had a bad intention behind what they’re doing. But why are we now?


I help you address that in this coaching module.


Once you start using the tools I teach for managing expectations, just imagine how things could be different!

  • You’re not going to get angry as often

  • You’re going to feel like you are on the same team


Sharing Needs & Desires

If we don’t share our needs and desires, our spouse won’t know what they are. 


That seems obvious, but sometimes we just want our spouse to mindread. 


Unfortunately, this often backfires for everybody!


In this module, I teach you how to effectively communicate your needs and desires so that your spouse has the opportunity to understand and respond. 


This helps reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings or conflicts.


Sharing needs & desires also fosters trust and intimacy so that your spouse can get to know you on a deeper level. It also encourages reciprocity so you can get to know your spouse on a deeper level too.



This module is a couple’s choice module!


You choose the topic. Job, finances, friends, parenting…


I’ll use my skills and experience to help you address this topic so that you are communicating more effectively.


Maintaining Intimacy During Transitions

There are so many seasons and transitions in a couple’s relationship!


Transitions can disrupt intimacy due to increased stress, exhaustion, lack of time together, change of routine, and so on!


In this module, I’ll teach you skills to collaborate effectively, make joint decisions & tackle challenges together so that you build resilience and emotionally support each other during the changes.


Managing Time as a Couple

Lack of quality time together can lead to emotional and romantic disconnection.


Communication can break down, especially when there is limited time available for open and meaningful conversations, making it hard to address issues and resolve conflicts.


In this module, I’ll teach you some simple, doable strategies to make time for each other so that you can still have intimacy & joy even when life is pulling you in all the directions! 


Keeping Fun in the Relationship

Remember when you first met and how much fun you had together!


If that’s disappearing or if you want to make sure it doesn’t disappear, you’re going to love this module.


You'll recall fun times together and get something you love on the calendar during this module so that you continue to make happy memories together.

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