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Coaching Services

Ready to up level your communication and conflict resolution skills? I'm a licensed psychologist who opened a coaching business to help couples achieve their goals so that their relationships thrive.  In addition to seeing couples, I see individuals who want to get along with those close to them & be their best self.

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Premarital Coaching

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The 10-Week Good to Better Marriage Ladder

You're engaged or considering getting engaged and you want some solid premarital coaching before taking the next step. Good News! This package is for you. You choose the topics important to you including categories like: deciding if and when to have children, blending families, faith as a couple, clarifying the line for cheating, adjusting relationships and time spent with friends and family, and so much more. Call today and we'll tailor the coaching to what fits best for you and your needs.

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The Marriage Reset with

a weekend retreat option 

Do you feel like you're heading out of the honeymoon phase and you're a little scared about it? You don't want to lose the feeling of closeness and alignment? This is the package for you! With some coaching you can navigate some common pitfalls and keep love alive. Newlyweds often wrestle with money, sex, in-laws and workload in their first few years of living together. Left unresolved, these issues can create a lot of stress and conflict. No one wants that! This bundle of four sessions is designed to help couples navigate these hot topics with confidence and ease so that you are set on a path filled with healthy communication and peace. Get in touch today and start taking control of the trajectory of your marriage with my coaching tools and techniques.  

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The Impact of One

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Tailored for You

The Marriage Reset is a favorite because it includes retreat options with personalized experiences designed for rapid transformation. This package helps reset a marriage that might feel like it's slipping away so that it returns to a happy, fulfilling relationship. Deep down you love each other and are motivated to make some changes. You've tried to make things better, but it isn't working. These coaching sessions are thoughtfully curated to move you from the initial foundation of your love story to the future you want in a way that is enjoyable and hopeful for both spouses. Sessions also cover your values, having fun & making memories & dating (again). Book today to sweeten your marriage with this reconnection experience.

Want to make some tweaks to your relationship, but your spouse doesn't want to go to couples coaching? No worries! You can come for some individual coaching sessions that will focus on increasing intimacy and decreasing conflict. As you make some adjustments yourself, your relationship will naturally change. Call today to get started.

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