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You're in a Cycle of

Hurt & Anger

Serving couples in CT & around the world

When you try to talk about
what's going on




Health crisis


Geographical distance


Loss of a loved one


Pressures at work



You end up feeling misunderstood and isolated

Communication is breaking down quickly

Right now you're either arguing or icing each other out.

Emotional distance is expanding at a time that you long for connection.

You're reaching out to other people for the support that you really need from your spouse.

There's so much tension between the two of you that people are noticing, including your kids.

You miss the days when you were there for each other and could talk about anything.

You have no idea how to get close again. Nothing you try is working.

You're both hurt, angry, & defensive.

You need professional expertise that works and you need it now!

I can help!

Using my signature  Harmony Method I'll show you how to decrease conflict & increase intimacy while remaining curious about each other.

Hi, I'm Dr. Kristin Barnhart

I'm a licensed psychologist and couples coach specializing in working with couples who want to improve their communication skills and become a team when facing life's challenges.

Schedule a free consultation with me so we can determine whether therapy or coaching is the best fit for you. 

Call or email today for a free 15 minute consultation 


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